Issues and Co-Owners

Hey folks.  We have two very big features we’re announcing today.

1. Issues

With issues, you can turn a comment in to an ‘issue’ which is basically a comment that requires some sort of resolution.  Anyone can mark a comment as an issue, and once the feedback has been applied to the demo, the owner (or someone else on the demo) can mark an issue as resolved.

It’s really easy to see how many open issues you have across all of your demos.

2. Co-Owners

With Co-Owners you can add an additional person to your demo. They will then be able to collaborate with you on the demo, adding attachments and responding to feedback.  This is perfect for when your work is intermingled with someone else. You can now demo at the same time, to the same audience, and save even more time.

Other enhancements

A metric ton of other enhancements were made as well!

Holiday Updates!

There’s some really cool new stuff available!  Most notably, the ability to pause a demo.  Ever have a demo in progress and you want to pause it while you rework or change something? Now you can.

We also changed the way revisions work a bit. Now, by default, all of your attachments carry over to the next revision. You have the ability to remove certain attachments from the new revision easily. We think this makes a lot more sense.

Hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday and we’ll see you after the new year.

What’s new! November 30th, 2016

Hey everyone!  Wrapping up another round of new features, fixes and adjustments.  Here are the notable changes:

  • We added a publish button right to the demo details page, making it easier than ever to publish your draft.
  • We have a new and improved user feedback system! Just click the ‘chat’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner once you’ve logged in.
  • Multiple attachment comments! Leaving a comment and have multiple attachments?  Well, now you can add multiple attachments to your comment. Huzzah!
  • Quite a lot of under-the-hood enhancements and refactoring as well.  We stabilized the DemoTime state flow, and it’s now easier than ever to add new events and webhook types.

Thanks for using DemoTime and keep the feedback coming!  Happy Demo’ing!

Updates as of today: November 21, 2016

Good morning everyone!  We have some incremental improvements and bugfixes to mention to you today.

We’re hard at work on allowing you to add multiple attachments to a comment now, and hope to have that released to you soon, along with some other very cool things that are in the oven.

Thank you for using DemoTime!

New feature: Demo Drafts!

Have you ever started a review and realized about half-way through that you need to leave and come back?  I think we’ve all been there.  Well now we have a mechanism in place to help you out. It’s called Demo Drafts.  Now it’s super easy to save your draft mid-stream and come back to it later.  Demo Drafts appear on your dashboard within a special ‘Drafts’ container, making it easy to pick up where you left off.

We fixed bugs and added a number of other things too, including:

  • Bug fix on the user profile page where cards were infinitely nesting
  • Syntax highlighting refinements
  • Better handling of how we link to user profiles
  • Fixed an issue where the header link wasn’t displaying on mobile phones
  • Moved attachment type detection to the backend
  • Comment URL refinements to correctly scroll to 2nd-level comments
  • Approved demos now ‘re-open’ automatically when a new revision is added.

If you have any feedback please let us know.


UI Refresh (drafts coming soon)

Hello everyone! We’re hard at work on a really cool piece of functionality: Demo Drafts, which will allow you to save a draft in process and come back to it later.

In the meantime, we’ve refreshed the UI to give it a lighter, more modern interface and have also tweaked the Demo Feed a little bit.  Just tightening things up around here as we prepare for some new, cool stuff.

Please leave us some feedback if you think of something you’d like changed.

The Demo Feed

Hello everyone. We’ve been hard at work on a cool new feature and it’s finally ready for launch. We’re calling it the Demo Feed.

Essentially the Demo Feed is a running stream of activity across your demos. See real-time approvals, comments, revisions and more, right from your dashboard.

We’ve also done some enhancements to how AJAX comments work, and now you can edit any of your old comments with this newer, faster user experience.

We hope you like these new changes!

Activity Logs

Hello everyone!

Today we launched our first iteration of the Activity Log:

Activity Log

Via the Activity Log you’ll be able to better track all of the actions that occur within your demos! As a bonus, the underlying infrastructure has been out in the wild for awhile, so you’ll see details of these events on many of your existing demos.

This is just the start for us with event tracking, as we have much more to share in the near future. Stay tuned!

Syntax Highlighting

Hey everyone!  We’ve been hard at work on an Events API that will give you an events log both at the demo level as well as an over-arching events log across entire projects, but in the meantime, we’ve fixed some bugs and added proper syntax highlighting.

Have a good week everyone. More exciting stuff to come!

AJAX-y comments, project settings and refinements

Hey everyone! Wrapping up a bit iteration here, and we have some exciting stuff to announce.

First, ajaxy comments.  Remember how before when you wanted to post a new comment the server would chug and the page would refresh? Well the last time we checked, this is 2016.  We don’t do that anymore.  Enjoy the nice, ajax-driven commenting system now.

The backend magicians have been hard at work and have finished the first iteration of project settings which lets administrators do things like change the # of reminder days notification setting, turn on/off emojis and giphy.

Next, we updated the Giphy implementation with some nicer loading states and error messaging if your searches don’t return any results. So enjoy that.

We made some tweaks to ensure that the sort order of your attachments stays that way from the time you create the demo till the time all the assets get uploaded.

And that’s all for now. Enjoy and let us know if you would like to see something else.